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digiHR Next Generation Talent Development Program / Online education 

Digital Badge for Institutions' HR Analytics Positions  " Next Generation Talent " Training Program.

Program Information

Starting date:  19 March 2022

Program Duration:  20 Hours (4 Days)

Day:  Weekends

Hour: 10:30 - 15:30

Class: Online Live Class (Zoom)

Quota: 20 Persons

For detailed information

Yilmaz Gulmez   l   Communication Officer

0216 455 0 800 / 0531 324 46 85


About the Program

Week 2 (Saturday, March 26)

Data Awareness

Dashboard Preparation

Advanced Excel  

Data Visualization

Week 3 (Saturday, April 2nd)

Working with Data

Statistical analysis

Linear Regression (Weka, Excel)

Correlation Coefficient and Interpretation

Outlier Determination


Data Awareness 2

Basic SQL Query

Project studies

Basic Statistics Analysis

HR Metrics

Week 4 (Saturday, April 16)

​This program has been prepared by BNC Turkey & BNC Insight with the motto "We are preparing your career for the future ". The business world will process "Data", the new oil  Today more than ever, it needs employees who can create meaningful insights. Based on this need, the "digiHR" talent development program aims to train young talents with Digital Badges for HR Analytics positions of institutions. 


Week 1 (Saturday 19 March)

Working with Data 2

Data Management

Decision Tree Algorithm

Analytical Cases

Project Presentations


Emre Tuna Aydin ,

Emre Tuna Aydın, a graduate of Istanbul University, has BA degrees in Business Administration, International Relations and Foreign Trade; In addition to MIS (Management Information Systems) Education at Galatasaray University, he has a Master of International Business Administration.

He started his career at Eczacıbaşı in 2006, working in Sales, Marketing and Human Resources, respectively. Later, he took part in various projects and most recently worked in human resources. Afterwards, he took part in all processes of the Joint-Venture company, which was established in partnership with Doğan Yayın Holding - Seat Pagine Gialle, for about 2 years.

He continued his career at AS Watson between 2010 and 2016 as Information Systems and Reporting Manager.  Between 2016 and 2019, he took part in the management of all group HR IT and Data projects at the Sabancı Holding HR Group Presidency. Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Financial reporting, measurement and Data visualization are his specialties.

Emre Tuna Aydın, who has been providing different training and consultancy services to more than 400 local and multinational companies in Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Reporting and other fields since 2013, continues his academic and professional life.


Emre Tuna Aydın, the founder of Bnc Insight and HrAnalitik company, gives training in many national and international fields such as Sabancı University EDU, Banks Association of Turkey, Peryön, and gives lectures in Data Analytics at some universities.  gives.

Emre Tuna Aydin

Education fee

Students  for;        950 TL + VAT


For New Graduate (1-2 years) Candidates;     1450 TL + VAT

Our payments are made with credit card and installment payment options under the guarantee of Iyzico.

For your questions;  

Yilmaz Gulmez   l   Communication Officer

0216 455 0 800 / 0531 324 46 85

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