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Robotic Process Automation and HR

Friday, September 10
16:30 - 18:00
Limited Space / Free 

Robotic Process Automation
What Is It Used For In HR?

CV Scan

With Robotic Process Automation, you can easily access the career information of the people in your candidate pool and quickly find the most suitable candidate for the position you are looking for by creating filters.

Employee Data

Working with RPA, you can manage your data and put an end to confusion. In this way, you can create time for high value-added work.

Ad Update

You can manage and optimize the postings you post on career sites and minimize mistakes.

PDKS Control

You can perform the personnel attendance control process with RPA and prevent possible errors.

Education Metrics

Made to measure training efficiency; You can easily perform processes such as participation in training, success rate and satisfaction evaluation.

Compensation Management

With the automation of the wage system, you can reduce your workload by automating many processes that you previously did manually with RPA.

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